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Ravi Kumar IT Operation Specialist


Master’s in computer application with Industrial experience in MVC architecture development, Application architecture, Coding with PHP, Open-source software web framework, Browser-Based (VoIP), MySQL, third-party API Integration, jQuery

Developed Transformative and State-of-the-Art solutions in the Internationalization of higher education.

Website Developed
Institute's website

International Relations Office (From 2019 to ongoing)

Websites for multinational research projects

Co-PREPARE Website (Indo-German Project) (From 2019 to ongoing)

EAMC Website (Indo-German Project) (From 2019 to ongoing)

Webpages for events, seminars, symposia, etc
  • Website for IIT Roorkee’s commemoration of 175 years of celebrations (2022) (Under Commemorating the 175th year of IIT Roorkee)
  • Natural Hazard Symposium for the Indian Himalayas 2021, 2022 (NSIH 2021, 2022)
  • ACS Editor's Workshop (2023)
  • All IIT International Relations Conclave 2023
  • Emerging Space Technology Applications for Compound Extremes (STAC-X 2022)
  • Natural Hazard Workshop on Indian Himalayas 2023
  • Advanced Data-driven and Artificial Intelligence Tools in Water Resources (AI4Water)

Web Portals Developed
  • Admission portal for seamless reception of foreign student’s applications, screening applications, and issuing offer letters.
  • Ex-India leaves portal for online processing of Ex-India leave applications of all the faculty, students, and staff.
  • Online Screening Portal for an exchange program or semester is a digital platform designed to facilitate and streamline the application and selection process for students participating in academic exchange initiatives. This portal serves as a central hub, providing a user-friendly interface for both applicants and administrators.
  • IITR Connections Portal serves as a comprehensive hub that consolidates and displays a variety of interactions, engagements, and achievements within a specific context, such as a professional or social network. This centralized platform offers users a holistic view of their network activities, fostering transparency and efficient information management. These are key features: MoUs, Collaborations, Honours & Awards, Memberships, Visits, Joint Publications, etc.
  • Student Portal is a digital platform designed to provide students with centralized access to a variety of academic and administrative resources. It serves as a one-stop hub for students to manage various aspects of their educational journey. This includes tools for profile management, personalized dashboards, academic resources, bonafide certificates, leave applications, fellowships, exchange programs, etc.

Web Applications
  • Interactive MoUs Template (For Partner Institute): is a modern, digital tool that revolutionizes the process of creating a Memoranda of Understanding by offering customization, collaboration, and efficiency. It empowers users to craft precise and tailored agreements while simplifying the traditionally complex task of MoU creation with minimal requirements such as the name of the Institute/University, Abbreviation, Location, name of signatory, etc.

Customized email services for multiple receives
  • Newsletter is a dynamic and globally reaching communication, delivering regular updates, activities, achievements, upcoming events, and highlights to our diverse academic community spanning the globe.
  • Greeting on important dates to foreign partner universities.
  • Regular updates on international funding websites: Automated extraction of data from websites