IIT Roorkee Commorated 175th Year Anniversary in London, UK with Alumni Meet

The Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee comomorated 175th year anniversary in London, UK by inviting alumni present in UK fro celebratory event. The international event was organized by International Relations Office and Alumni Affairs Office jointly in London Darbar, London, UK. More than 120 alumni with family members participated in the event and met fellow alumni and IIT Roorkee delegates.

IIT Roorkee delegation members were, the 175th Year Anniversary Committee Chairman Prof Arun Kumar, Dean of Resources and Alumni Affairs (DORA) Prof Partha Roy, Dean of International Relations Prof P Arumugam and Prof NK Goel, Hdrology Department, Mr Vishal Sharma (DORA Office) and Executive Officer from IR Office, Dr Ravikant Ranjan. The alumni of IIT Roorkee, who participated in the event are contributing as academicians, administrators, engineers or policy-makers at different levels in UK.

The event began with the welcome speech Prof P Arumugam, followed by Prof Partha Roy and Prof NK Goel. Several senior alumni were honored by Prof Arun Kumar and asked to deliver short speeches. Few young alumni were also felicitated by IIT Roorkee delegates. The presentation elaborating on a vast network of IIT Roorkee alumni and their contributions. The alumni old and new shared their experiences, memories during their stay at IIT Roorkee. All he invited guests, felt elated after reconnecting with their alma mater. The event included dinner and music, appreciated by all the participants.