Delegation visit from Astana IT University, Kazakhstan to IIT Roorkee

A meeting between the Astana IT University (AITU), Kazakhstan, and IIT Roorkee (IITR) took place on April 25, 2023, in the International Relations Office. Prof.  Bolatzhan A. Kumalakov (Vice-Rector for Academic and Educational Work, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)) and Mr. Aivar Sakhipov (Professor at AITU) participated in the meeting from AITU, while Prof V C Srivastava (Dean of International Relations),  Dr. Ravikant Ranjan and Dr. Shantanu Wahal (Executive Officers-International Relations) represented IITR in the meeting.

Following are the points discussed in the meeting.

  1. It was agreed upon that due to the varied research interests of faculty members at IITR, it would be more advisable that the faculty members from ASIT and IITR collaborate on a one-to-one basis rather than having it done at an institutional or departmental level. It was suggested that concerned offices at the two institutes will facilitate the interaction between the faculty members for the purpose of establishing academic and research collaboration.
  2. It was proposed that the student exchange program be initiated between AITU and the departments of Computer Science & Engineering and Mathematics at IITR. It was also suggested that the exchange program may be extended to other departments at IITR in due course of time.
  3. It was decided that financial support for the exchange program will be sought from the government funding agencies as well as through private stakeholders in the two countries.
  4. It was discussed that the modalities of the Exchange of faculty members between the two institutes will be explored and communicated with each other.
  5. The set-up of Joint degree programs (Dual and Double degree programs) between IITR and AITU was also discussed. It was decided that the two institutes will initially exchange the pertinent policy and procedures with each other and after due diligence the discussions will be taken forward.