Delegates from IR Office, Uni of Potsdam, GFZ, PIK (Germany) Visited IIT Roorkee

From Oct 10-16, 2023: The International relations Office& Welcome Centre representatives from the University of Potsdam (UP) & GFZ visited IIT Roorkee, under the outreach program of CoPREPARE Project. Dr Claudia Roessling (Office manager, “Am Neuen Palais” Service Center – UP and HPI), Ms Lydia Bauer & Dr Pia Sójka (“Telegrafenberg” Service Center – GFZ, PIK, AWI, AIP interacted with the International Relations Staff Members of IIT Roorkee.

The delegates stayed on campus for almost a week and had a series of meetings with the IIT Roorkee representatives. Both sides discussed about Internationalization of Higher Education and student enrolment and responsibilities of IR Offices. A roundtable meeting was conducted, where both sides presented their views and experiences. From IR Office of IIT Roorkee, Mr Waseem Akhtar asked relevant questions and shared his experiences. Mr Vipin Kumar, Mr Ashish Kumar, Mr Ravi Kumar, Mr Pramod Joshi, Mr Anup Rajput, Mr Ravikant Saini had a close interaction with the visiting guests.

Dr Shantanu Wahal & Dr Ravikant Ranjan (Consultants, IR Office, IITR)) explained the activities of IR office, requested the visiting delegates to share their experiences. Both sides exchanged their ideas and knowledge related to Internationalization. Everyone participated in the discussions various challenges related Internationalization.

Ms Claudia Rosseling and Ms Lydia explained their activities and responsibilities. All the delgates also enjoyed the THOMSO 2023 event and witnessed in the cultural activities including Indian cusines.

They also participated in the “Indo-German Partnership Workshop”, organized by the IR Office, IIT Roorkee at Greater Noida Extension Centre. This was reciprocal visit by International Office of Uni of Potsdam to exchange ideas & experiences, to share the knowledge related to Internationalization of Higher Education.