Launch of International Relations portal for IITR faculty and kick-off meeting on project “Atithi”

Marking the first anniversary of the inauguration of the new International Relations Office, on November 25, 2020, Prof. Ajit K Chaturvedi (Director, IIT Roorkee) launched the International Relations portal for the IITR faculty. Following this launch, a kick-off meeting held on the project “Atithi” regarding a portal/mobile-app for visitors. Kick-off meeting started with a presentation on the functionalities of Atithi, by Prof. P. Arumugam and other staff of IR office.

The concerned staff will contribute in data sharing to enable the IR Portal as a platform for relevant information. The following members actively participated for the panel discussion:

Panel Discussion: IR Portal and Atithi

Chair: Prof. Manoranjan Parida, Deputy Director and Head ICC

  • B.R. Gurjar, Dean of Resources and Alumni Affairs
  • P. Sumathi, Assoc. Dean of Faculty Affairs
  • Yogesh Sharma, Prof. in Charge – Guest House
  • C. Jayakumar, Librarian
  • Sanjeev K. Sunny, Deputy Librarian
  • Rona Banerjee, SRIC Office
  • Sonika Srivastava, Media Cell – Convener of IDC, and RAC
  • Usha Banerjee, ICC
  • Sandeep Sharma, ICC
  • Deepak Mathur, NC Nigam Visitors Hostel
  • Members of IR Office