Indo-US SPARC Virtual Workshop

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee organized Indo-US SPARC Virtual workshop in collaboration with Pennsylvania State University (PSU). This 3-day long initiative was organized by the Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering (MIED), IIT Roorkee, based on the theme “Resource Efficient Processing Using Microwaves.” The objective of the workshop was to explore synergies with PSU, disseminate knowledge and expand participants’ horizons for further research into the discipline. The workshop was organized as the part of the research project titled “A Resource Efficient Method for producing Orthopedic Bone Plate Using Microwave Energy” under the Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration (SPARC) was approved by the government of India in July 2019 with a budget of INR 67,20,000 for IIT Roorkee. The workshop witnessed the august presence of dignitaries such as Prof. Dinesh Agarwal (PSU, USA, USA), Prof. P. Arumugam, Dean, International Relations (PI-SPARC, IIT Roorkee), Prof. Ajit K. Chaturvedi, Director, IIT Roorkee, Prof. B. K. Gandhi, Head, MIED, IIT Roorkee, Prof. Michael Lanagan (PSU), Dr. Z.L. Ostap (NAS, Ukraine), Prof. Manoj Gupta (NUS, Singapore), Prof. Apurbba Kumar Sharma (PI-P40) IIT Roorkee, Prof. Inderdeep Singh (Co-PI, P40) IIT Roorkee, among others. Professors from the prestigious universities globally delivered informative talks on the applications of microwaves in various fields like material processing, medical science, e-waste management, food processing, waste management, food grain infestation, etc. and about how microwaves can be used from scientific to societal benefits. And, how microwaves can be used as a resource efficient technique in materials processing. At the valedictory session, participants provided positive feedback and requested to conduct such more workshops/courses on this interesting area in the future also.