DUO-India Awards for IIT Roorkee

MHRD introduced the DUO-India Fellowship Programme in July 2019 with the aim of promoting exchange of faculty and students between India and European countries which are part of Joint Research Projects under SPARC. 14 Faculty from IIT Roorkee have applied and 10 Faculty are chosen by the selection committee. A total of 98 Faculty were chosen across India. Following are the IIT Roorkee faculty who are awarded the ASEM-DUO grant for mobility for 2020 DUO-India Fellowship Programme:

Sl. Name Host Country Host Institution Host
1 Anjan Sil Denmark Technical University of Denmark Poul Norby
2 Swaminathan Anbhu Spain Universidad Carlos Iii De Madrid Francisco Marcellan
3 Ravindra Pandey Denmark Aarhus University Tobias Weidner
4 Bal Krishna Maheshwari United Kingdom University of Cambridge Stuart Kenneth Haigh
5 Biplab Bhattacharya Austria University of Vienna Michael Wagreich
6 Arindam Biswas United Kingdom New Castle University Catherine Button
7 Anand Bulusu Switzerland Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (Epfl) Adrian Ionescu
8 Brajesh Kumar Kaushik Italy Politecnico Di Torino Fabrizio Bonani
9 Sudeb Dasgupta United Kingdom University of Glasgow Assen Assenov
10 Indrajit Ghosh United Kingdom New Castle University Dilum Deepika Abeyakone Dissanayake

The following two students also got the fellowship:

Sl. Name Host Country Host Institution Host
1 Pallavi Kaushik (PhD Student, CSE) Netherlands University of Groningen Marlijn Besten
2 Hannah Pauline Singh (M.Arch. Student) Spain Universidad Politecnica De Valencia Álvaro Hidalgo Núñez