Discussion on JDDP with University of Strasbourg

A virtual meeting held between IIT Roorkee and University of Strasbourg on  June 25, 2021 to discuss the future aspects of our existing Joint Doctoral Degree Program (JDDP). Prof. Yannick Hoarau (Head of the Mechanics Department) and Prof. Christophe A. Serra (Polymer Micro Process Engineering) from University of Strasbourg, France; Prof. Vimal Chandra Srivastava (Head, Department of Chemical Engineering), Prof. Vimal Kumar (Department of Chemical Engineering), and Prof. P. Arumugam (Dean International Relations) from IIT Roorkee, India discussed different aspects of JDDP and administrative support during the application process in upcoming session. Both the institutes agreed to promote the JDDP through a dedicated workshop and to initiate a Joint Masters program with selective departments as the next step of this collaboration.