INAE Webinar

A webinar on “Creating Foundational Partnerships: Building on the strength of US-India Collaboration towards a Roadmap for the future” was organised on July 31, 2021.

Hosted by: Sivaji Chakravorti and Indranil Manna

Speaker: Dr. Sethuraman Panchnathan

Dr. Sethuraman Panchanathan, Director, National Science Foundation (NSF), emphasized that innovation has three pillars, advancing frontiers of research, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity, and securing global leadership which is possible only due to different partnerships. NSF follows the idea that doesn’t leave any talent behind as they are the responsibility of the research agencies. For that reason, several programs and projects are supported by NSF at different institutional levels all over the globe. One of the important topics of discussion of the webinar was how to tackle problems of demographic disparity; to address the issues related to the various new initiatives that has been taken by NSF. Dr. Panchanathan pointed out the importance of identifying and pre-wiring potential partners for future collaborations. International partnerships are actively promoted and funded by NSF. Indian govt and institutions are working with NSF so that the talent pool from India can achieve its potential through funding and collaborative studies.

The webinar was attended by Professor Bhola Ram Gurjar from IIT Roorkee along with three Executive officers from International Relations office Dr. Himadri Phukan, Dr. Ravikant Ranjan and Dr. Shantanu Wahal.