ASEAN Cooperation Project: Review Meeting

A virtual meeting was organized to review the progress of the ASEAN Cooperation Project.  The proposal titled “Enhancing the Capacity Building in Science and Technology through Close Collaboration between Mandalay Technological University (MTU) and Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HMCUT)” was approved in Feb 2020. IITR is a collaborative participant in this project. IITR will host researchers from MTU and HMCUT and IITR Faculty members will visit both these ASEAN collaborators under this project. It has a financial outlay of INR 17,659,553 and funds are being released to MTU, the implementation partner. In the meeting delay in data collection timeline, need assessment report, conducting seminar/workshop was discussed. Due to restrictions on international travel, students couldn’t visit under the exchange program. The Risk Mitigation Plan was discussed as due to the pandemic situation many aspects of the project were postponed. Participants proposed temporary suspension and subsequent extension of the project.  The request was accepted by ASEAN Secretariat (ASEC) representatives.

Active Participants in the meeting were Dr. Phyoe Wai Htun (MTU), Dr. Vu Ann Quang (HCMUT), Dr. Khin Khin Lay (HCMUT), Dr. Ei Ei Htwe (MTU), Dr. Yu Wah Thein (MTU), Dr. P Arumugam (IITR), Ms. Intani Kusuma (ASEC).