Meeting between research groups of IIT Roorkee and the University of Palermo, Argentina

A web-meeting was organized between the researchers of IIT Roorkee and the University of Palermo, Argentina on Nov 16, 2021 to explore the opportunities of collaboration between the two institutes.

Prof Alejandro Popovsky, Dean Faculty of Engineering and Prof. Gabriel Trajtenberg participated from the University of Palermo. While Prof Sanjay Upadhyay, Coordinator of ISRO-IIT Roorkee-Space Technology Cell and Professor, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering; Prof. Sumanta Sarkhel, Associate Professor, Department of Physics; and Prof Darshak Bhatt, Assistant Professor, Electronics and Communication Engineering Department participated in the meeting from IIT Roorkee. The following areas were identified for collaboration initially -1) Exploration of the possibility of launching of LEO with PSLV. 2) Testing of integration with Indian 4G/5G base stations and network extension using LEO. 3) Telemetry and telecommand for satellite while traveling over south Asia. It was also mutually agreed upon that in future many more areas will be explored together as the partnership between the two institutes progresses.

The web-meeting was arranged and facilitated by the International Relations Office at IIT Roorkee.