Study in India Education Fair in Africa

Nov 14-22, 2021

EdCil organized education fair in three African countries, which was promoted by Ministry of Higher Education.

From International relations Office, Prof. P. Arumugam and Dr Ravikant Ranjan went to the three African countries under outreach program. The basic purpose of this visit was to participate in the Education Fair as well as to meet prospective students and foster new collaborations with African Universities/ Government agencies.

Under this initiative thee African countries were planned and education fair venues were organized by SII group as followings, with 2 days in each country:

  1. Kampala, Uganda, 2.  Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 3. Lusaka, Zambia

Large number of local students participated in the event and visited IITR Educational Stall. The students with high CGPA and good potential showed interest in IITR and relevant guidance were provided to them.