Meeting of Double Degree Working Group Facilitated by DAAD, New Delhi

July 07, 2022

DAAD organized meeting on the web-based platform for Double Degree Joint Working Group. This working group is a follow up of the ‘Double Degree workshop’ organised during September 2021, by DAAD. This working group will take the discussion forward by creating a short paper on Joint/ Double Degree Program between German and Indian Universities.

The meeting was moderated by Ms Shikha Singh from DAAD, New Delhi. Dr Mriganka Sekhar Sharma from UGC, Dr Ravikant Ranjan from IIT Roorkee, Ms Snigdha Sharma from IIT Madras actively participated in the meeting from Indian side. From German universities, Ms Susanne Krause, (Hof University), Dr Solenne Schwanemann (Leibniz University Hannover), Dr Christine Meyer (Hof University) & Dr Constanze Mittang (TU Dresden) participated in the meeting.

The participants discussed different regulation and requirements of Indian and German Education systems for Joint Degree Programs. The group will meet again in person in New Delhi to discussed further about procedure of setting up JDP and different regulation for the same and converge to publish short paper on the same topic.