Independence Day Celebration at Himgiri Apartments

Event 1: An International Student Welcome (Meet and Greet) Event was organized on 13th August 2022. Assistant Warden started the event with her introduction and introduced the Chief Warden, Himgiri Apartment Supervisor, and Administrative IITR Guest. After that, Chief Warden announced the Independence Day program schedule at Lal Bahadur Shastri stadium and explained the rules for the Bingo sheet to encourage interaction among the international students. The Bingo sheet was made with seven questions focused on promoting interaction among the participants. In the mid-time of the event, refreshments were served, which included (one samosa, one frooti juice pack, and one sweet). All the volunteers (Chief Warden, Assistant Warden, Himgiri Supervisor, and International Student representatives) encouraged the interaction among the international students and personally interacted with them. The prize was distributed to participants who completed the Bingo worksheet. International students performed a cultural dance with their cultural songs at the end of the event. Himgiri Apartment supervisor delivered concluding remarks.

Figure 1: International students enjoying the event at Himgiri Garden

Figure 2: International students filling up the Bingo sheet and interacting during the event

Figure 3: International students in traditional dress during the event

Figure 4: Chief Warden (Prof. Rakesh Ranjan) addressing the gathering

Figure 5: Participants utilizing selfie frame provided by Institute

Event 2: An International Snack Event was organized on 14th August 2022. Assistant Warden started the event with her introduction and introduced the Chief Warden, Administrative IITR Guest, and Himgiri Apartment Supervisor. Chief Warden introduced four country groups and explained the prepared food items. A variety of snacks was prepared by students from Bangladesh, Mynamar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Syria, Sudan, and Ethiopia. All Himgiri residents enjoyed the delicious snacks, including faculty, postdoctoral fellows and international students.

Figure 6: Snacks prepared by Bangladeshi students

Figure 7: Snacks prepared by Myanmar students

Figure 8: Snacks prepared by Vietnamese students

Figure 9: Snacks prepared by Syrian Students

Figure 10: Snacks prepared by Sudanese students

Figure 11: Children enjoying international snacks during the event

Event 3: A series of presentations on the theme of independence of the different countries was organized on 15th August 2022. Chief Warden started the event and presented the Indian Independence story. Subsequently, students from Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Syria presented independence stories of their respective countries. A student from Nepal delivered a presentation focused on the long India – Nepal relationship and tourist destinations in Nepal. : Refreshment was served during the event, which included one samosa, one sweet, and one frooti juice. Chief Warden delivered concluding remarks at the end of the event and informed the participants about the upcoming event on 25th September 2022 on Himgiri Foundation Day.

Figure 12: Himgiri residents on the way to LBS stadium to celebrate independence day

Figure 13: Himgiri residents on the way to LBS stadium

Figure 14: Himgiri residents on the way to LBS stadium

Figure 15: Himgiri Residents near LBS stadium to celebrate Independence Day

Figure 16: Presentation by Chief Warden (Prof. Rakesh Ranjan) on the Indian Independence story

Figure 17: Presentation by Myanmar Representative

Figure 18: Presentation by Bangladesh Representative

Figure 19: Presentation by Syrian Representative

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