Study In India (SII) Partner Institute Workshop

IIT Roorkee representatives of IR office, Dr. Pushpa Kumari participated in SII partner institute workshop held on February 10, 2020 at New Delhi. The overview, achievements, and proposed upcoming activities of Study in India program was showcased through a presentation by the SII team. This workshop aimed to provide insights of IND-SAT examination, and discussions on topics of visa and FRRO; bridge courses, scholarships and many more. The session was chaired by Smt. Neeta Prasad, Joint Secretary (ICC & Policy) MHRD, Mr. Manoj Kumar, CMD, EdCIL(India)Limited, and Mr. Sandeep Goel, HOD(SII) & CFO, EdCIL(India)Limited. IIT Roorkee bagged great appreciation during the session, for having High Performer Partner Institute Award.