Delegates from IR Office Visited to IR Office, University of Potsdam, Germany

From the International Relations Office, Mr. Ravi Kumar & Dr. Ravikant Ranjan visited the International Relations Office of the University of Potsdam (UP) under the outreach program. From the International Relations Office and Welcome Center of UP, Ms. Claudia Roessling (Office Manager), Ms. Ute Minckert (International Exchange Students) and Ms. Frauke Stobbe interacted with the visiting delegates.

Ms. Minckert discussed the incoming student mobility program and related challenges. UP hosts a large number of international students and regular mobility of students from the EU. Ms. Roessling presented the activities IR Office of UP and various programs related to student mobility, admissions, and staff mobility.


During the meeting, Mr. Ravi Kumar presented the process of digitization of the International Relations Office, IIT Roorkee. IR Office of UP was impressed by the digitization implemented by IR Office, IIT Roorkee, and shared ideas about it. Both sides exchanged their ideas and knowledge related to Internationalization. Dr Ravikant Ranjan discussed various challenges related to the Internationalization of Higher Education, specially Internationalization at home, and proposed enhanced partnership between the IR Offices of both the universities.


The members from both partner universities interacted for more than 2 hours and discussed various challenges. During this meeting, Dr. Ravikant Ranjan also discussed the opportunities available at IIT-Roorkee for staff & students of UP, including joint degree programs, exchange programs, and other internationalization programs. The discussion was focused on the ways to promote collaborations and internationalization programs in their respective universities.