Embracing Opportunities: My IUGG Journey with Co-PREPARE in Berlin

As a hydrologist hailing from India, the chance to attend the prestigious International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) conference in Berlin was nothing short of a dream come true. The pathway to this remarkable experience began when I came across a notification from the Department of Hydrology offering motivated candidates the opportunity to participate in the IUGG conference through the Co-PREPARE travel grant. Excitedly, I applied and was overwhelmed when I received the grant, which opened doors to a series of memorable moments.

With the grant in hand, I embarked on the preparations for my journey, including obtaining a visa, reserving flights, and securing accommodation for my stay in Berlin. The thrill of this being my second time entering Germany added to my double excitement for what lay ahead.


As the day arrived, I boarded the flight from Delhi to Berlin, relishing the journey as it reminded me of cherished memories from my previous visit. Arriving at the conference venue, CityCube Berlin, on the first day of IUGG, I was filled with anticipation and eagerness. After registering and collecting my conference kit, I eagerly explored the venue, ready to immerse myself in the enriching experience that awaited.

Throughout my participation, I noted the recent advancements in my area of research and made connections with researchers from diverse corners of the world. Among these connections were esteemed figures like Prof. Murugesu Sivapalan and others. The day of my poster presentation was particularly memorable as I engaged in fascinating interactions and discussions with fellow researchers.

Beyond the conference halls, once again I took every opportunity to enjoy the Berlin buildings and relax in the beautiful parks. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Co-PREPARE, led by Principal Investigator Prof. Ankit Agarwal, for their invaluable support in funding my travel and visa costs, making this transformative experience possible.

As I reflect, my heart is filled with gratitude and beautiful moments.