India to Germany: My First Travel Blog!!

Hallo people!!
Welcome to my “The first travel BLOG”!
I’m Prachi Singhal, a Co-PREPARE Master Exchange Student from IIT Roorkee, who has come to University of Potsdam, Germany for six months.
Well, the special part of this travel is that there are so many things that I have experienced for the first time and literally it has been like a great roller coaster ride for me.
First of all, thanking my professors Prof. N.K.Goel and Prof. Ankit Agarwal, at IITR, who actually helped a lot making this possible. My respectful regards towards them.

Coming to the start of the start:
Well, I had no clue about how to do the travel preparations for an international one.
On the top of it, I had never travelled via flight in domestic even yet.
So, I had about hundreds of queries regarding the documents, the packing, the departure process at airport, the journey in the air and finally the arrival process.
My Sincere Thanks to two of my seniors (Arjun Kaushik and Karisma Yumnam) who answered almost half of them and the rest were solved by unconditional and never-ending support of my family.
And not to forget, a big thanks to “YouTube” for guiding all the minute things to remember for the travel.
So, the first thing to do is to register for the university, apply for the student dormitory, arrange all the documents required for VISA process, book the appointment for it, and get your VISA application marked complete at the visit.
The VISA then comes within 10-15 working days.
Note: Please book the appointment well in advance keeping the buffer time.
After receiving VISA, the next step should be to book the flight tickets.
Note: Please book them well in advance to avoid the hiked prices.
Do not forget the COVID-19 norms and get vaccinated within time (keeping the second dose 14 days before the date of travel).
Watch youtube videos, as much as you can, everything about what to pack, how to pack, what happens in airport procedures, etc.
Honestly speaking, while I was busy in collection of all the necessary documents, my mother would watch these videos and send me the important ones. I can’t thank her enough!!
Get your accommodation confirmed, make a packing list, order luggage bags and whatever that you’ll need.
Pack your bags and make sure that they don’t exceed the weight allowance.
Note: Get your RTPCR test done before boarding the flight.
Meet all your dear family and friends before you leave…. for your new journey.

my_first_travel_figure1 Fig1: The view outside plane window during the night
my_first_travel_figure2 Fig2: The view outside plane window in early morning

And Be Excited to witness a new land when you de-board the plane…

my_first_travel_figure3 Fig3: At the Frankfurt Airport

Wow, after following all the instructions, travelling by connecting flights to Frankfurt, then a long-distance train to Potsdam, carrying all the luggage by myself, I feel like a winner! (For successful completion of first flight travel of almost 30 hrs in total)

I would like to mention the support I received the moment I landed by the people of Germany.

I couldn’t connect to the open wifi at airport to inform my family that I have reached safely. I asked two people, and they right away offered me their own cellphones to inform at home. I felt happy beyond limits.

The next support that I received was while changing the long-distance trains. The luggage bags of 22kg each had to be lifted 7-8 steps. Again, just once I asked a German guy and he lifted them immediately.

my_first_travel_figure4 Fig4: The view outside long-distance ICE train

I wouldn’t forget these incidents…. ever.
Now, the next step was to collect my dorm keys and it went smoothly.
I also went to International Office of UP, to collect my info folder and PUCK card.

my_first_travel Fig5: The University of Potsdam Campus I – Am Neuen Palais

We visited our workplace too, at just 5 min distance from our dorms, a room specifically assigned for us with all the technical facilities.

my_first_travel_figure5 Fig6: The University of Potsdam Campus II – Golm

my_first_travel_figure6 Fig7: The room allotted to us at Haus1 of Golm Campus
my_first_travel_figure7 Fig8: Inside the workspace with PCs installed

Then just after a day, I had to attend “Second International Conference on Natural Hazards and Risks in a Changing World 2021” conducted at UP Campus, Griebnitzsee, Potsdam on October 5-6,2021.

my_first_travel_figure8 Fig9: The Co-PREPARE Team at NatRisk Conference 2021

It was a wonderful experience attending that…meeting people with such new presentations and posters provided a broad thinking view about research.
The next day I went for city registration at Burgerservicecenter, Potsdam.

Fig10: Burgerservicecenter, Potsdam

Not forgetting our festivals, the Dussehra and the Durga Pooja, I, along with my Indian friends searched for a place celebrating these festivals.
To our surprise, we found 3 places in Berlin celebrating this year and so we went to attend and had great satisfaction of worship and celebration.
We also visited the Brandenburg Gate and the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin after that.
Well, this is my journey so far…With First flight travel
First international trip
First dorm life (with doing all the house chores by myself)
I hope to see more adventurous days and joyful stay here...
Please stay tuned for more stuff upcoming...
Thank You Readers!!
“Danke schön” 😊