Co-prepare Group at NatRiskChange Conference 2021

In the back row: Ravi Kumar Guntu (PhD student), Prof. Ankit Agarwal (IIT Roorkee), Aniruddha Saha (Master student), Prof. Axel Bronstert, Prof. Oliver Korup, Prof. Bruno Merz
In Front row: Kamal Rana (PhD student), Prachi Singhal (Master Student), Babita Malakar (Master Student), Dr Ugur Ozturk, Dr Jurgen Mey

The Co-PREPARE group enthusiastically participated in the NatRiskChange Conference held in hybrid mode at the University of Potsdam on Oct 5-6, 2021. The conference was organized to bring researchers from wide disciplines related to natural sciences and natural hazard risk mitigation and management. The researchers discussed new insights and developments in the field of impact modeling, risk assessments & mitigation. Apprising the participants of recent research developments and updating each other by knowledge transfer & networking was the primary goal of this conference, which was successfully achieved. Members of the Co-PREPARE group actively participated in different spheres of the conference. Prof. Bruno Merz was invited as keynote speaker, whereas Prof. Ankit Agrawal, Prof. Ugur Ozuturk, Prof Oliver Korup, Prof. Annegret Thieken, and Prof Axel Bronstert convened different sessions of the invited speeches/oral presentations. The Co-PREPARE members were also part of the poster presentations and active discussions.