Awareness Program

Village level Disaster Awareness Training Program, Uttarakhand

Coordinator: Dr. Roopam Shukla, Moderator: Ms. Shivani Chouhan

The Himalayas, being structurally unstable and young, it is geologically active, fragile and vulnerable to both natural and man-made disasters. Preparation is the only way to minimize the loss from future disasters. These training will be conducted at various villages of Uttarakhand in order to enhance the skills, knowledge and coping capacity of the people at community level and household level. It will be 5 days’ trainings at each identified villages. There will be sessions on Understanding of Disaster, Recovery process, Disaster awareness, first aid, building vulnerability components, Risk indicators at village level, village and household level of surveys etc.

Monthly Schedule
Date Locations
3rd Feb to 7th Feb Chopdiun, Paudi Garhwal District
10th Feb to 14th Feb Tapovan, Tehri Garhwal District
16th Feb to 20th Feb Devprayag, Rudraprayag District
22nd Feb to 26th Feb Ukhimath, Rudraprayag District
2nd Mar to 11th Mar Govindghat and Raini, Chamoli District
14th Mar to 23rd Mar Tatalgaon and Bijrani, Almora District
27th Mar to 31th Mar Mori, Uttrakashi District
5 Days Training Schedule
Day Description
Day 1 Conversation with Gram Panchayat and Villagers
Day 2 Training Session on Post Disaster Scenarios: Response and Recovery
Day 3 Training Session on Pre Disaster Scenarios: Mitigation and Preparedness
Day 4 Survey of the Village: Data Collection
Day 5 Training Session on Risk Indicators, Disaster Awareness Pamphlet distribution

Awareness Program Photos

Village level Disaster Awareness Training Program, 3rd February to 31st March 2022 - Ms. Shivani Chouhan, Doctoral student at CoEDMM, IIT Roorkee

  1. After the 2019 flood, people lost their houses and still they are struggling to recover from it. No government support is received
  2. Forest fire was seen at various locations in Uttarkashi