A glimpse of fieldwork under the research component 2

Mr. Anshul Yadav, the second PhD student of the Co-Prepare project, is being jointly supervised by Prof. Sumit Sen, Prof. Oliver Korup, and Dr. Wolfgang Schwanghart in the field of fluvial geomorphology. He is focusing on sediment transport of coarse grains in the Himalayan rivers. Mr. Anshul Yadav and Mr. Anurag Pathak (Project Assistant) visited the field sites in Thatyur (Aglar and Paaligaad rivers, tributaries of Yamuna river), Tehri Garhwal Uttarakhand, India, to collect sediment and discharge data. The mobility of coarse grains is being monitored by using the painted tracers. Prof. Sumit Sen developed this site in 2012 to study the different aspects of the rivers at the watershed scale. Currently, the research group aims to collect the bedload and suspended sediment data to infer the sediment yield in the data-scarce Himalayan region. The main challenge in the Himalayan region is the continuous monitoring of any hydrologic variable due to hilly terrain, network connectivity for telemetry, power arrangements for sensors, damage to sensors due to large floods and wild animals. During the last visit on 08th August 2021, Anshul encountered two snakes underneath a large boulder that was mobilized due to a previous flood. However, the most exciting thing is the excellent quality data collected experiencing such challenges.

Painted tracers on the channel bed in Aglar river
Partial mobility of channel bed in Aglar river after the flood