MoU Signing Ceremony between IIT Roorkee and UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) on December 05, 2022

IIT Roorkee and UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) MoU renewal signing ceremony was held on December 05, 2022. The agreement was signed by Prof. Mark Bailey (Executive Director, UKCEH), and Prof. Kamal Kishore Pant (Director, IIT Roorkee). The ceremony was also attended by the dignitaries of UKCEH and IIT Roorkee namely  Prof. Alan Jenkins (Deputy Director-UKCEH), Prof. Harry Dixon (Associate Director-UKCEH), Prof. P. Arumugam (Dean- International Relations Office), Prof. Arun Kumar (Professor-Hydro and Renewable Energy), Prof. Akshay Dvivedi (Dean-SRIC), Prof. Ashish Pandey (Head-Water Resources Development and Management), Prof. Brijesh Yadav (Head-Hydrology), Prof. Anand Joshi (Head-Earth Sciences), Prof. Kumar, Praveen (Head-Civil Engineering), Prof. M.K. Singhal (Head- Hydro and Renewable Energy), Prof. N.K. Goel (Professor-Hydrology), Prof. Sumit Sen (Assoc. Professor, Head-Centre of Excellence in Disaster Mitigation & Management (CoEDMM).

The group discussed ecological and hydrological development as well as how interdisciplinary research would serve in utilizing the world’s most required energy resources (Food, Energy, Water) for sustainable development. It was also emphasized that research should contribute towards the real transformation of human sustainability and not merely to publications of papers and patents. It was also agreed upon that the International Relations Office at IIT Roorkee and UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) would be suitable platforms for interactions and collaborations to strengthen the long-lasting relationship between the two institutions.