Visit of the Delegate from the University of Surrey, UK to IIT Roorkee

Prof. Prashant Kumar (Associate Dean (International), Professor and Chair in Air Quality and Health; Founding Director, Global Centre for Clean Air Research (GCARE)) from the University of Surrey, UK visited IIT Roorkee. He delivered an Institute lecture on “The Air we Breathe, COVID-19 & Beyond”.

The delegate visit included the board room meeting, with Prof. K.K. Pant (Director- IIT Roorkee), Prof. P. Arumugam (Dean, International Relations, Professor-Physics), Prof. Gurjar, Bhola Ram (Dept. of Civil), Prof. Mukesh Kumar Barua (Dean-Student’s Welfare, Professor-Management Studies).

The group discussed the sustainability research in clean water, the wastage of groundwater, and the need for multidisciplinary research. The discussions were also about academics, joint degree programmes, student exchange, and outreach facilities for international collaborations and strengthening/enhancing further cooperation.

Prof. Prashant Kumar also visited the International Relations office and had a deep discussion about strengthening up the collaborations between IIT Roorkee and the University of Surrey, UK.