Delegation from the University of Adelaide, Australia visited IIT Roorkee

Prof. David Lewis (Head, the School of Chemical Engineering; Faculty of Sciences, Engineering, and Technology), and Prof. K.D.P. Nigam (Dept. of Chemical Engineering, IIT Delhi) visited IIT Roorkee on March 31st, 2023. Delegations had a follow-up meeting in the board room with Prof. K.K. Pant (Director, IIT Roorkee), Prof. Vimal Srivastava (Dean of Interactional Relations Office, IIT Roorkee), Prof. Prakash Biswas (Head of Chemical Engg. Dept.), and Prof. Vimal Kumar (Assoc. Professor of Dept. of Chemical Engg.).  The group discussed various opportunities for collaboration between UofA and IITR. The topics that were discussed included –

  1. Faculty exchange for teaching collaborations
  2. Development of Joint Research proposals
  3. Joint Doctoral Degree program between UofA and IITR
  4. Execution of generic MoU to provision for mentioned activities between the two institutes.

Delegations visited International Relations Office and interacted with Prof. Vimal Srivastava (Dean of International Relations Office, IIT Roorkee).