The delegation from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) visited IIT Roorkee

The delegation attended the board room meeting and interacted with Prof. U. P. Singh (Deputy Director of IIT Roorkee). Below is the list of participants who attended the committee room meeting.

Delegations from Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

  1. Prof. Troy Farrell, Executive Dean, Faculty of Science
  2. Prof. Ian Ohara, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Engineering
  3. Prof. YT Gu, Head of School, Mechanical, Medical, and Process Engineering
  4. Prof. Les Dawes, Head of School, Civil Engineering
  5. Assoc Prof. Jennifer MacLeod, Head of School, School for Chemistry and Physics
  6. Assoc Prof. Jim Hogan, Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning, Faculty of Science
  7. Assoc Prof. Ajay Pandey, Professor of Electrical Engineering
  8. Ms. Marina McKeague, Client Manager, International Office
  9. Ms. Malshani Perera, Country Manager, International Office

IIT Roorkee participants

  1. Prof. U.P. Singh (Deputy Director, IIT Roorkee)
  2. Prof. Apurbba Kumar Sharma (Dean of Academic Affairs, IIT Roorkee)
  3. Prof. Vimal Srivastava (Dean of International Relations Office, IIT Roorkee)
  4. Prof. Andallib Tariq (HoD, Mechanical & Industrial Engg.)
  5. Prof. Pravindra Kumar (HoD, Biosciences & Bioengineering)
  6. Prof. Kumar, Praveen (HoD, Civil)
  7. Prof. G.N. Pillai (HoD, Electrical Engineering)
  8. Rama Krishna Peddinti (HoD, Chemistry)
  9. Prof. G.D. Verma (HoD, Physics)
  10. Prof. Prakash Biswas (HoD, Chemical Engg.)
  11. Prof. Indrajit Gosh (Assoc. Professor, Civil)

The group discussed the proposals for student exchange, faculty exchange, joint doctoral degree programs, and student mobility and to strengthen the possibilities of further collaborations.

During the discussion, the group was apprised by the DeanIR about the existing schemes at IIT Roorkee for the appointment of foreign faculty members, and the opportunities of developing joint course-work, and online lectures jointly by the faculty members of both the institutes.

The delegation also visited the International Relations office and interacted with Prof. Vimal Srivastava (Dean of International Relations Office, IIT Roorkee).