Meeting between Faculty Members of NCU, Taiwan and IITR

Virtual Meeting between IITR and National Central University (NCU), Taiwan took place on Oct 5, 2021. After the initiative of the International Relations Department (IITR), Prof. Dah-Chung Chang (Department of Communication Engineering, NCU) and Prof. Yo-Shen Lin (Department of Electrical Engineering, NCU) discussed the possibility of future collaborations with IITR. Faculty members from IITR, Prof. Y. K. Sharma,   Prof. P. ArumugamProf. V. K. Malik (Department of Physics, IITR), and  Prof. Sudeb Dasgupta, Prof. Anand Bulusu (Department of ECE, IITR) actively participated in the discussion. The objective of this joint meeting organized by IR Office was successfully achieved and the faculty members from partner universities were on board for the proposal and engaged in contextual discussions moderated by Dr. Ravikant Ranjan.