Visit by Prof. Jhuma Sadhukhan from the University of Surrey (UK)

Prof. Jhuma Sadhukhan from Uni of Surrey, UK visited our campus ( April 7-9, 2022) for academic collaboration with Prof. Raja Chowdhury (IIT-Roorkee). This visit was under the Exploratory Grant funded by British Council’s Going Global Partnerships programme to collaborate on ‘Transnational Education (TNE) and Teaching Plan on Sustainable Development ’ to develop joint education initiatives that promote sustainability science and can be adopted by other institutions across the world.

Prof. Sadhukan discussed the possibilities to develop a student exchange program, joint thesis supervision and research collaborations. She participated in the open information session on 8th April at Civil Engineering Dept.

Apart from Prof. Jhuma Sadhukhan, Prof. P Arumugam, Dean of International Relations,  Prof. Sanjay K Ghosh, Head, Department of Civil Engg. and Prof. Raja Chowdhury, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engg participated also participated in the open information session as panel members.

The Agenda of the info session was Courses/modules at IIT Roorkee and Surrey (Undergrad and Postgrad), Final year or Masters Dissertation topics, virtual learning environment, timing and credit alignment, PhD research topics and co-supervision between Surrey and IITR.

Prof. Sadhukan also visited IR Office to discuss different aspects of Internationalization and cooperation between the two organizations. At IR Office the meeting was hosted by Dr. Ravikant Ranjan (Executive Officer) and Prof. P Arumugam (Dean IR). During the discussion wide range of topics were discussed to explore different possibilities as IIT-Roorkee already has an MoU with the University of Surrey, UK.