Meeting with Queens University, Canada for Academic Cooperation

The International Relations Office, IIT Roorkee organized an online meeting between IIT Roorkee (IITR) and Queen’s University, Canada to discuss various academic collaborations to strengthen the ties between partner universities. IITR has already signed an MoU with the Queen’s University and enhanced bilateral activities has been observed in the past few years.

Prof. Qingguo Li (Queen’s University, Canada) visited and stayed on IITR campus under SPARC program and collaborated with Prof. P.M. Pathak (IIT Roorkee).

On Dec 12, 2023 the bilateral meeting was called by the international offices of both sides along with concerned faculty members. The participants were:

Queen’s Uni (Canada)

  • Fahim Quadir (Vice-Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies & Postdoctoral Affairs)
  • Qingguo Li
  • Sandra den Otter (Vice-Provost, Global Engagement)
  • Heather Kincaide (Director, Strategic Initiatives, Global Engagement)

 IIT Roorkee (India)

  • Prof Vimal Chandra Srivastava (Dean, International Relations & Prof -Chemical Engineering)
  • Prof P. M. Pathak
  • Dr Shantanu Wahal [Consultant (International Cooperation), IR Office]
  • Dr Ravikant Ranjan [Consultant (International Academic Alliance), IR Office]

Both sides discussed the possibilities of furthering the collaborations in diverse area including student exchange program, Dual Degree Program and faculty Exchange Program. This meeting was organized to follow-up on the discussions taken place between visiting faculty members from Queens University, Prof. Qingguo Li and IR Office represented by Dr Shantanu Wahal & Dr Ravikant Ranjan at IIT Roorkee. The visiting Professor had proposed strengthening and already established framework to support various academic activities.

During the online meeting, Prof Srivastava elaborated on scope of Joint/Dual Degree programs and proposed the modalities for the same. Dr Shantanu Wahal suggested the student exchange program under newly floated proposal by SICI as both QU & IITR are members of the organization. The meeting ended with resolve to continue the discussion on Dual Degree program & Student Exchange Program.