Visit by Delegates from Embassy of Indonesia to IITR

Ms. Lestyani Yuniarsih, Education and Cultural Attaché, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (New Delhi) visited the International Relation of IIT Roorkee on Dec 24, 2021. During the visit, Ms. Yuniarsih and her team discussed possible future cooperation with the academic institution of Indonesia and IIT Roorkee. She also proposed to create a better cultural connection by creating a cultural corner in IITR. The IR office, IITR was represented by Dr. Himadri Phukan Sharma, Dr. Shantanu Wahal & Dr. Ravikant Ranjan. Both parties discussed a wide range of collaboration opportunities including but not limited to student exchange, joint degree programme, faculty member’s mobility.

Ms. Yuniarsih proposed that many top technical institutes of Indonesia want to initiate close collaboration with IIT-Roorkee. The IITR representatives reciprocated the idea by sharing procedural details of international academic collaborations. The meeting concluded with a mutual resolve to initiate new communication channels and enhance academic collaborations.