Old Dominion University (USA) Representative visited IIT Roorkee

Dr. Sandeep Kumar, (Professor , Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Old Dominion University), recently visited IIT Roorkee and had a series of interactive meeting. At Old Dominion University, his lab Biomass Research Laboratory (BRL),works on Biofuels, biomass, supercritical fluids, subcritical and supercritical water, hydrothermal, reaction engineeringworks.  He also holds the position of assistant dean of Research and Graduate Studies in his university.

Prof Kumar interacted with Prof K.K. Pant (Director, IIT Roorkee), Prof Vimal C. Srivastava (Dean of International Relations & Prof-Chemical Engineering), Prof Akshay Dwivedi [Dean of Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy (DSRIC)  and Prof-Mechanical & Industrial Engg.], Dr Shantanu Wahal (IR Office) ,  Dr Ravikant Ranjan (IR Office) in the Board Room of the James Thomason Building.

During the discussion common research interests was emphasized and it was suggested that  faculty members from both sides can collaborate on one-to-one basis and proposal of faculty exchange program was discussed. Prof K.K. Pant discussed the modalities of the Exchange of faculty members between the two institutes. It was suggested that IR office can facilitate the interaction and promote  the academic and research collaboration.

Dr Sandip Kumar also visited the International Relations office and interacted closely with Dean (IR) Prof Vimal C. Srivastava  and IR Ofice members Dr Shantanu Wahal & Dr Ravikant Ranjan , and discussed activities related to Internationalization of higher education and promotional activities to enhance academic collaboration.