IR office Contributed to Publication & Panel Discussion: DAAD Guidelines for Joint Degree Programmes

DAAD oorganising an online panel discussion and the online launch of the publication. “Indo-German Higher Education Cooperation: Guidelines for Student Exchange, Dual/Double and Joint Degree Programmes”.  It aims to offer a practical support focussing on challenges and barriers and highlights points to consider when setting up a structured exchange programme.

The publication was result of joint efforts between Indian and German institutions, facilitated by DAAD, Inda.  Sometime back a Double Degree Joint Working Group was formed, where experts from IIT Roorkee, Prof P. Arumugam and Dr Ravikant Ranjan contributed to the discussions and writing the publication in current form. The pdf version of this document is available here: DAAD-Online-Publication-Cooperation-2023.pdf

The event was organized to commemorate launch of digital document and spread awareness about rules & regulations related to Joint/Dual/Double Degree Programs in Germany and India.

The meeting was moderated by Ms Shikha Singh (DAAD, New Delhi ) and the panel members were Dr Katja Lasch (Director, DAAD, India), Ms Susanne Krause, (Head, International Office, Hof University), Dr Solenne Schwanemann (Leibniz University Hannover), Dr Manish Jain (Dr B R Ambedkar University) and Dr Ravikant Ranjan (Consultant, IR Office, IIT Roorkee).

The participants discussed different regulation and requirements of Indian and German Education systems for Joint Degree Programs and answered the queries of the attendees.