International Students Affairs Council, ISAC

International Students Affairs Council, ISAC

International Student Affairs Council (ISAC) is a body that contains one representative from each country/community. This council forms a formal bridge between international students and IIT Roorkee authorities. The role of ISAC is to work in collaboration with the Dean of International relations to address international students’ issues and take initiatives for the betterment of the students community of IITR.

At the end of the tenure of the ISAC:

All elected members shall submit reports of the events/activities/initiatives taken by each one of them during the tenure of ISAC. The reports shall be verified by the Dean IR and DOSW and displayed publicly on the intranet portal of IITR.

Image Name Responsibilities

Ebissa Gadissa Kedir

Convener of ISAC
: +91 89230 56814
  • Shall be nominated out of the elected members of the ISAC by the Dean IR and DOSW.
  • Shall be responsible for convening the meetings of the ISAC and looking after the agenda of the meetings.
  • Shall be responsible for sending the minutes of the ISAC meeting to Dean IR within a week of the meeting.
  • Shall be part of SAC and attend its meetings.

Dipa Das

Coordinator of Hostel Affairs
: +91 98307 08746
  • Shall work in coordination with SAC General Secretary Hostel Affairs
  • Conducts weekly/monthly surveys for ensuring a proper check on the Bhawan/Apartement level affairs, activities and initiatives (e.g. on Maintenance Work, Canteen functions, facilities improvement, Quality of food (in bachelor hostels), Cleanliness and Hygiene issues etc.)
  • Responsible for undertaking Inter-Bhawan Activities on the campus
  • He/She shall be a member of the Coordinating Committee of Bhawans C.C.B.

Bahaaldeen A. B. Mohammed

Coordinator of Academics Affairs
: +91 85349 65816
  • Shall work in coordination with SAC General Secretary Academics Affair (PG).
  • Shall be the masters research scholars’ representative for research work-related issues
  • Shall be the International Student representative in Institute Academic Programme Committee (IAPC)
  • Shall be the International Student Representative in Institute Research Committee (IRC)

Myo Chit Bo

Coordinator of Technical Affairs
: +91 96671 33268
  • ISAC representative in Cognizance organizing team
  • Information dissemination and collection related to internet and available software licences procured by the institute
  • Organization and Coordination of Inter-Bhawan Technical Fest in Autumn Semester under the aegis of DOSW
  • Student Coordinator of IITR in Annual Inter-IIT Tech Meet.

Meraj Alam Khan

Coordinator of Sports Affairs
: +91 70325 63899
  • Responsible for sports activities involving International students inside the campus
  • ISAC representative in Inter-IIT Sports

Somar Ghanem

Coordinator of Cultural Affairs
: +91 98617 13762
  • Responsible for social and cultural activities of the International students inside the campus (eg. cooking contests..etc.).
  • Organizing various cultural events and art galleries that show the diverse International community of IITR students.
  • Connecting and coordinating with the different embassies and foreign representative bodies in India to carry out the cultural events.
  • ISAC representative in Thomso Organizing Committee.